Name: Karrie Boch
Title: Dietitian
Phone: 720-878-2910 Website: Kore+

Karrie is a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Sports Dietitian who’s passionate about helping clients identify the underlying cause of illness or imbalance, and to help them heal while reaching their fullest potentials in health, life and sport. Karrie’s 20+ years of clinical expertise spans a wide variety of issues such as blood sugar management, heart health, digestive disorders, food allergies, food sensitivity testing, thyroid and hormone issues, ADD/ADHD, and of course, sports nutrition.  Her “one size does NOT fit all” approach listens to one’s unique set of needs, and honors this individuality when offering realistic recommendations and guidance. This philosophy makes it possible for Karrie to help clients of all ages and stages, from those just starting on a path toward health, to seasoned, professional athletes looking to gain a competitive edge.