Educational Assessment


Name: Shayna Whitehouse 
Educational Psychologist 
720-432-1336  Website: Reaching Higher Education

Psychological and Educational Testing and Assessment

Through assessment, I work with families and children to target specific questions, issues, and needs. I then determine the specific approach to assist and empower the whole child:

  •    Learning disabilities, difficulties and strengths
  •    Gifted and talented identification and individual needs
  •    Social and emotional development
  •    Organizing, planning, strategizing, and self-monitoring skills needed for effective academic and emotional success
  •    Attention, memory, and needs such as ADHD and processing information

I received my B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and my M.A. in Educational Psychology and Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of Denver. Since becoming a school psychologist in 2000, I worked in both Colorado and California and with students in preschool through high school in rural, suburban, and urban settings. In addition, I worked as a preschool special education coordinator, ensuring successful transitions and supports for young students with special needs. I also functioned as a faculty member with the Child, Family and School Psychology Program at the University of Denver and directed the university based educational assessment clinic, supervising trainees as they completed assessments, interventions, and consultative services. I developed and implemented a classroom and parent education curriculum to support social emotional development in young children for a Colorado based nonprofit. I conduct professional development and training presentations for audiences nationally and internationally.

I provide individualized services to support both academic and social-emotional growth for children and adolescents. The services listed are a summary of those offered. Please contact me to learn about these and other services, how I may help to answer your questions, or how I can provide enrichment for your child.