Name: Elizabeth Kinneavy Title: Chiropractor
Phone: 303-604-2987 Website: Front Street Chiro

Hi! I’m Dr. Elizabeth Kinneavy, owner of Front Street Chiropractic. I’ve been practicing in the Lafayette and Louisville area since 1998. I’m proud to say I grew up here in Boulder County and I feel intensely connected to this community, and truly honored to serve the people here.

I practice using what’s called “The Diversified Technique” which, as the name implies, combines numerous types of chiropractic techniques making it suitable and comfortable for all types of patients. I have a Family Practice and treat patients ranging from pregnant women, babies and children, athletes to senior citizens.

I use myofascial release massage techniques with each spinal adjustment in order to prepare the joints for a better, longer lasting effect. By also incorporating rehabilitative and postural exercises with each patient and creating an individualized treatment plan I work to help them to graduate away from needing active chiropractic care.

Spinal health is a cornerstone to overall health and healthy aging!




Name: Tanya Bruns
Title: Chiropractor
303-604-2987 Website: Elite Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Bruns’ passion in working with active individuals drew her to beautiful Colorado.  Her sports rehabilitation degree was completed with two invaluable clinical internships in Denver. Her time at Steadman Hawkins Rehabilitation & Sports Performance Clinic in Greenwood Village gave her a unique experience with post-surgical sports injuries of the upper and lower extremities and the spine.  At the University of Denver (DU) sports medicine center Dr. Bruns assessed and treated Division I athletes of every DU sport. Working closely with the athletic trainers, she was an integral part of the prevention, treatment and recovery of injured and post-surgical athletes. Attending practices, games/meets and spending most of her time in the sports medicine center, Dr. Bruns was able to observe athletes and help them  improve in every aspect of their performance, which she found truly rewarding.

In accordance with her dedication to educating each individual in their current and active health goals, Dr. Bruns also teaches at the local Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA) where she instructs Nutrition and Anatomy courses. Her love for the body and biomechanics go hand in hand in this position. Imparting knowledge to students who will become an important part of the healthcare profession is yet another way for her to continue giving back to the community.

Dr. Bruns’ care is based on a solid foundation beginning with a detailed initial consultation and exam, tailored to each individual. She has a variety of specialized skills to provide a specific treatment plan which is discussed and agreed upon before treatment begins in the second visit. Her skills include conservative chiropractic manipulation of the spine and extremities, neuro-muscular rehabilitation, myofascial & manual adhesion release techniques (Integrative Diagnosis and Graston Technique), and a strict dedication to helping each individual reach their goals to return to, maintain, or further enhance an active lifestyle and reach peak performance.